Hi, I'm Andrew McNutt,

About Me

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I am a third year PhD student in the Joint Carnegie Mellon/University of Pittsburgh program for Computational Biology. I am working in Prof David Ryan Koes’s lab.

Research Interests:

  • Drug Discovery
  • Deep Learning
  • Structural Biology
  • Metric Learning
  • Self-Supervised Learning

I graduated from Purdue University with honors in 2019 with a double major in Physics and Mathematics.

Other Interests

When I am not doing research I enjoy cooking, baking, and fermenting (Checkout my Cookbook). My other time is spent outdoors enjoying nature while climbing, hiking, and camping.

Papers and Talks

A list of the published papers and conference talks that I have given.
For a more up to date list, check out my Google Scholar page.

Journal of Chemical and Information Modeling
April 2022

Andrew McNutt, David Ryan Koes

Link to Paper
Jan 2022

Seth Winfree, Andrew McNutt, Suraj Khochare, Tyler J. Borgard, Daria Barwinska, Angela R. Sabo, Michael J. Ferkowicz, James C. Williams Jr, James E. Lingeman, Connor J Gulbronson, Katherine J. Kelly, Timothy A. Sutton, Pierre C. Dagher, Michael T. Eadon, Kenneth W. Dunn and Tarek M. El-Achkar

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Machine Learning for Structural Biology (MLSB) Workshop at NeurIPS (Poster)
Dec 2021

Andrew McNutt, David Koes

Link to Talk
Journal of Cheminformatics
June 2021

Andrew McNutt, Paul Francoeur, Rishal Aggarwal, Tomohide Masuda, Rocco Meli, Matthew Ragoza, Jocelyn Sunseri, David Koes

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Cytometry Part A
Nov 2020

Andre Woloshuk, Suraj Khochare, Aljohara F Almulhim, Andrew McNutt, Dawson Dean, Daria Barwinska, Michael J Ferkowicz, Michael T Eadon, Katherine J Kelly, Kenneth W Dunn, Mohammad A Hasan, Tarek M El‐Achkar, Seth Winfree

Link to Paper
AMIA Summit 2020 Podium Abstract- Accepted (Not presented due to COVID-19)
March 2020

Andrew McNutt, Shaun J Grannis, Na Bo, Huiping Xu, Suranga N Kasthurirathne

Education & Experience

  • Aug 2019 - Present
  • Regenstrief Institute

    Student Research Assistant - Center for Biomedical Informatics

    Neural Networks Hyperparameter Optimization
    Summer 2019
  • IUPUI Division of Nephrology

    Student Intern

    Clustering Dimensionality Reduction Github
    Summer 2018
  • IUPUI Division of Nephrology

    Indiana University O'Brien Student Intern

    Summer 2017
  • Lill Lab

    Undergraduate Research Assistant - Department of Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

    Molecular Dynamics Machine Learning
    2017 - 2019
  • Purdue University

    B.S. Physics & Mathematics
    Minor in Chemistry

    2015 - 2019